Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj | Ashram Address In Vrindavan & How To Meet

Pujya Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj is a famous saint of Vrindavan. People believe that Maharaj ji himself is the incarnation of Lord Shri Krishna. Due to which everyone is eager to have his darshan. Maharaj Ji always teaches people to follow the spiritual path, he believes that if we worship God and perform our duties then we can live a happy life, and the purpose of our human birth is also that we Achieve God by pleasing him with your deeds and devotion. Maharaj ji also guides the seekers of the path of renunciation and helps them in walking on this path. 

Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj

In this article we will learn about the life of Maharaj Ji, along with this we will also know how Premanand Ji met Maharaj?, what is the address of Maharaj Ji's Ashram?, and what is the timing of his Ashram.

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Ashram Address Vrindavan 🏠

If you want to meet Premanand Ji Maharaj, you will have to go to Vrindavan. On Vrindavan Parikrama Marg, you will see Bhakti Vedanta Hospital. Just in front of it, Premanand Ji Maharaj's Ashram "Shri Hit Radha Keli Kunj" is situated. The full address is as follows - Shri Hit Radha Keli Kunj, Vrindavan Parikrama Marg, Varah Ghat, In front of Bhakti Vedanta Hospital Vrindavan - 281121 Uttar Pradesh.

Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj Ashram Address In Vrindavan

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Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj

 Ashram Timing ⌚

Ekantik Vartalap : 5:30am (entry time), 06:30am (start time)

Ekantik Darshan : 7:30am (entry time), 8:00am (start time)

Satsang : 3:00am (entry time), 4:15am (start time)

Kirtan : 6:15am (entry time) 6:30am (start time)

Morning Routine :

04:10 to 05:30am - Daily morning satsang by Pujya Maharaj Ji

05:30 to 06:30am - Shri Ji's Mangala Aarti and Van Vihar

06:30 to 08:15am - Hit Chaurasi Ji (Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun) and Shri Radhasudha Nidhi Ji (Tues, Fri) recitation

08:15 to 09:15am - Shri ji's Shringar Aarti, devotee list, Radha name sankirtan.

Afternoon Routine :

03:00 to 03:15pm - Dhoop Aarti

03:15 to 04:30pm - Daily Evening Speech Lesson

04:30 to 05:00pm - Devotee character

05:00 to 05:15pm - Evening Aarti


How To Meet Premanand Ji Maharaj

To meet Premanand Ji Maharaj, you must come to Shrihit Radha Keli Kunj Sant Niwas at 09:30 am a day before and register your name. and this registration is absolutely free.After registration you can meet Maharaj Ji in Ekantik Vartalap, Ekantik Darshan, Kirtan, and Satsang.

How To Meet Premanand Ji Maharaj

After registration, you will get a similar token with which you will have to go the next morning.To register, you will have to go to Radha Keli Kunj Ashram, for Online  Queries WhatsApp On 9102370603 ( this is not official no. of radha keli kunj ).

Premanand Ji Maharaj Meeting Card

**Please go to the ashram wearing modest clothes only.**

How To Donate To Maharaj Ji

If you want to donate to Radha Keli Kunj Ashram, then donate only by going to Vrindavan.

*This donation is not for Maharaj Ji , its for our organisation

Early Life And Background

The childhood name of Pujya Premanand Ji Maharaj was Anirudh Kumar Pandey. He was born in a Brahmin family of a village named Aakhri, located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His grandfather was the wanderer of the Sanyas Marg, due to which the atmosphere of his house was attached to spirituality from the beginning.

His Father's name was Mr. Shambhu Pandey and Mata ji's name was Mrs. Ramadevi who was a very great follower of Sant Seva. He dedicated his entire life to serve the saints and gurus who walked the spiritual path due to which the atmosphere of his house was also full of devotion and reverence.

Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj

Maharaj ji's elder brother daily used to recite Shrimad Bhagvatam which prompted Maharaj ji a lot. The teachings of Shrimad Bhagvatam raised many questions within them, such as what is the goal of human life , If everything is mortal, then what is eternal ?, Loved choosing Maharaj Ji Sanyas Marg for answering all these questions. Maharaj Ji left his home for spiritual discovery at the age of 13 and went out on a pilgrimage to holy sites to get guidance from spiritual gurus.

Spiritual journey 

Premanand Maharaj ji is known as Anand Swaroop Brahmachari. In which man has to sacrifice complete Brahmcharya  and all worldly desires. He adopted a life full of austerity and simplicity for Nashtik Brahmcharya rearing. He devoted his life to God full, taking the Sanyas route to self-interview. Premanand Maharaj ji performed harsh penance while dwelling on the banks of the holy Ganga. Maharaj ji used to spend his days in solitude to discover the ultimate truth. He completely separated himself from the physical world for freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj

When he heard about the love route and the Divya Kripa of Vrindavan, a new twist came in his life, Maharaj Ji nowbecome devotee of Lord Krishna and Shri Radha Rani. Vrindavan's devotional enchanting environment forced Maharaj Ji to come to Vrindavan. Premanand Maharaj Ji realized God's divine grace in Vrindavan, and Vrindavan became the focal point of Maharaj Ji's spiritual journey. Maharaj ji dedicated himself to the service of Lord Shri Krishna and Radha Rani and decided to stay in Vrindavan forever.

Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj

Maharaj Ji continued his spiritual practice in Vrindavan, Maharaj Ji now with a new purpose and new spirit took up the study of the scriptures and Puranas as well as guiding the seekers on the spiritual path. The presence of Maharaj Ji in Vrindavan became an inspiration source for many. Today Premanand Ji Maharaj teaches people to live life by telling the real purpose of human life. Thousands of people carry their problem and questions daily near Maharaj Ji, whose solution is given according to Maharaj Ji Shastra and Dharma.

Maharaj ji believes, the goal of huuman life is to achieve God, for this humman should do that while doing the service God has given us, we dedicate all our deeds to God, then surely we will receive God and this life will be free forever from the cycle of death and birth.

Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj | Ashram Address In Vrindavan

FAQ About Maharaj Ji

Q. Where does Premanand Maharaj live?

Ans. Vrindavan.

Q. Who is hit premanand?

Ans. Rasik Saint From Vrindavan

Q. Shri hit Premanand ji maharaj age?

Ans. 61 Years In 2024

Q. Premanand ji Maharaj’s Net Worth?

Ans. Not Known

Conclusion : 

Pujya Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj is a famous Rasik saint of Vrindavan, who teach peoples how to make their life successful by following the path of spirituality. He has an ashram in Vrindavan named Shri Hit Radha Keli Kunj. If you want to meet Maharaj ji, then you will have to come to Vrindavan and get your name registered in his ashram, for this you should reach his ashram a day before at 9:30 in the morning.

If you want any more information about Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj, you can message us on WhatsApp or comment on this post.

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