Keshi Ghat Vrindavan | Story, Aarti Timing Of Shree Yamuna Ji

Keshi Ghat, located in the center of Vrindavan, is a peaceful area where the River Yamuna softly touches the old stone steps. This holy spot is known for stories of Lord Krishna's bravery. According to legend, Krishna conquered the powerful horse-demon Keshi at this very place. The ghat is decorated with beautiful Rajasthani artistry, hosting evening aartis that attract both worshippers and visitors. It's a calm sanctuary where spirituality blends with the moving waters.

Keshi Ghat Vrindavan | Story, Aarti Timing Of Shree Yamuna Ji

Story Of Keshi Ghat 

In the old town of Vrindavan, near the holy river Yamuna, lies a unique spot known as Keshi Ghat. It is believed that Lord Krishna once bathed in these waters. There was a powerful demon named Keshi who transformed into a ferocious horse. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna fearlessly battled and conquered this demon at the ghat. People have faith that the ghat possesses divine energy as Lord Krishna himself honored it with his presence and bravery. The legend also recounts the story of Devi of Bharatpur who bathed in this river to attain purity and blessings.

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Keshi Ghat Aarti Timing

While Keshi Ghat remains open around the clock, for optimal enjoyment, plan your visit between sunrise (roughly 6:00 AM) and sunset (around 8:00 PM) to experience the vibrant atmosphere and avoid the midday heat. If you're looking to witness the captivating aarti ceremony, where lamps are offered to the sacred Yamuna River in a display of devotion, aim to arrive by 4:30 PM, the usual start time for evening Aarti. 

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Things To Do At Keshi Ghat

  • Visitors at Keshi Ghat can take part in different activities like bathing in the Yamuna River, praying to Lord Krishna, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Boating on the calm river offers a special view of the ghat and its surroundings, giving visitors a unique experience.
  • The serene experience of boating allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of Vrindavan and feel peaceful on the sacred river.

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How To Reach 

By Air :The nearest airport to Keshi Ghat is Agra Airport, which is about 60 miles away. Flights to Agra are available from major cities in India. From Agra Airport, you can hire a taxi to Vrindavan, which takes around 1.5 hours.

By Train : Mathura Junction is the closest railway station to Keshi Ghat, located about 13 kilometers away. It is well-connected to major cities in India. From Mathura Junction, you can take an auto-rickshaw or taxi to reach Keshi Ghat, which is a comfortable 30-minute ride.

By Road : Vrindavan is well-connected by road to major cities in North India. If you are coming from Delhi, the distance is approximately 150 kilometers. You can either self-drive or hire a cab to reach Vrindavan. Public buses are also available, but they may take longer.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Keshi Ghat aligns with the ideal season for Vrindavan as a whole: the cooler months from October to March. Vrindavan experiences scorching summers, making sightseeing and outdoor activities less enjoyable. During the pleasant winter months, you can comfortably explore the ghat, participate in the evening aarti ceremony, and soak in the sights and sounds without battling the heat. 

Amazing Facts

  • Keshi Ghat, one of the numerous ghats in Vrindavan, is steeped in history and mythology, famously associated with Lord Krishna's divine pastimes, including his victory over the demon horse, Keshi.
  •  Keshi Ghat is renowned for its captivating evening Aarti, where the melodious chants and the mesmerizing lamps lit during the ceremony create a truly spiritual and enchanting atmosphere.

Exact Location

Keshi Ghat can be found in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India, along the Yamuna River. It's the primary ghat in Vrindavan and the last one standing. Although exact road names aren't commonly known, it's close to the Madanmohan Temple and is a well-known spot that can be easily reached by asking locals or following signs to the temple.

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FAQ About Keshi Ghat

Q. What is the story behind Keshi Ghat?

Ans. Keshi Ghat in Vrindavan bears witness to the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology and devotion. This sacred site is named after Lord Krishna's legendary battle with the demon horse, Keshi

Q. What is the time of Keshi Ghat Aarti?

Ans. 4:00 Pm to 6:00 Pm

Q. Can we take bath at Keshi Ghat?

Ans. YES

Q. Who built Keshi Ghat?

Ans. Queen Laxmi Devi Of Bharatpur

Summary : 

  • Keshi Ghat in Vrindavan is a peaceful spot where Lord Krishna defeated the demon horse Keshi.
  • The ghat is known for its evening aarti ceremonies and beautiful Rajasthani artistry.
  • Visitors can enjoy activities like bathing in the Yamuna River and boating.
  • To reach Keshi Ghat, you can fly to Agra Airport, take a train to Mathura Junction, or drive from major cities in North India.
  • The best time to visit is during the cooler months from October to March.
  • Keshi Ghat is steeped in history and mythology, offering a spiritual and enchanting atmosphere.
  • The ghat is located in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, near the Yamuna River.
  • Nearby hotels include Braj Villas Family Suits, The VrindWoods Hotel, and Hotel Nutan Krishna, with prices ranging from ₹1,538 to ₹2,284 per night.

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